Outreach Service

Dell’Outreach purpose is to share knowledge of the educational and health program for people who do not have the means and the ability to reach the center of HEALTH-AID.
With the Outreach Service program, volunteers, accompanied by local staff members, reached by the pick-up the villages that are located between 5 and 50 km from Saboba. Upon arrival in the village, after being greeted and presented to the village chief and elders, volunteers exposed to the villagers a topic of health education program. With this service we will promote in the community the value of health and disease prevention with healthy and hygienic behaviors on both a personal and community level. The topics covered range from knowledge of tropical diseases present attention to the chronic diseases.
The visits in the villages also represent a precious moment of collection of some data regarding the very villages and their inhabitants, essential to know the needs and the needs of the population. In addition to the personal data of each patient medicated or visited, demographic information is collected the whole village, for example the total number of inhabitants, the number of huts and the distribution of population by age and gender, and data on the village resources the same, for example the presence of TBA (Traditional Birth Assistant), accessibility to schools, wells, electric current, telephone line.
During Actions are visited about 30 villages.

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