HEALTH-AID ONLUS is an international project of Public Health who wants to improve the health of rural communities in northern Ghana, an African country in the developing world.
It ‘a Non-Governmental Organization (ONLUS) duly registered and certified in Ghana. The project was officially launched in Ghana July 21, 2001 in the presence of government and local authorities.
And ‘an Organization of Social Utility Lucrative entered in the register of the Italian NGO from 1 December 2003.
HEALTH-AID wants to create a health post run by local staff and coordinated by medical personnel, in collaboration with Italian volunteers.
The project is aimed at educating the community of Saboba in hygiene materials, prevention and public health. The local staff training will ensure the involvement of the community and also the continuity of the project at the end of the Italian contribution (2001-2021)
The HEALTH-AID objectives are:

  • Educate the population health, disease prevention and hygiene
  • Foster care for patients in rural communities through the programs of CLINIC and MOBILE CLINIC
  • Carry out a program of information and education on the spread of HIV / AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and family planning
  • Implement educational programs and projects for school children
  • Promote education and schooling with activities inside the library, computer lab and recreation center

All this can be done thanks to the presence of a fixed structure (HEALTH-AID CENTRE) that serves as headquarters. The local community, recognizing the importance and usefulness of the activities has given the project a land on which the structure that comprises three separate buildings was built (Clinic, Youth Centre, Guest House).
In Saboba is a Local Staff made up of local volunteers that allow the continuity of the various projects during the year and collaborate with Expats in Actions.
HEALTH-AID is run entirely by volunteers and supported by donations of friends and individuals.