Institute of Technology (HAIT)

The objective of securing higher education to young people in an increasingly advanced and technologically advanced world, has resulted in the need to set up a computer school, where at various levels are offered lectures and practical exercises in information technology . The courses yes conclude with regular examinations and certificates that certify the skills achieved by the students.

The Health-Aid Institute of Technology (HAIT) is a computer training program developed and implemented by Health-Aid Project, for the pupils of Saboba in the Northern Ghana. The program was founded in September, 2017 and developed specifically for the Saboba District to provide basic computer training to the students and other workers in the District.

In September 2017, the training was provided for 10 students per session, namely Basic Intensive (BI) and Basic Standard (BS), BI with 4 lessons by 2 credit hours and the BS with 2 lessons with 2 credit hours for 3 months and 6 months respectively. 

Upon completion of the program, the students receive a certificate authenticated by the Institute. The sessions of the Basic course were made up of four core areas of ICDL modules and those areas were:

  1. Computer Essentials 
  2. Online Essentials 
  3. Word Processor 
  4. Spreadsheets

In terms of facilities, the first courses were held in a very small room of the Health Aid Youth Club building. This room was equipped with 8 computers and in a short time it became clear that it would not have been suitable to accommodate the increasing number of students. 

Health-aid decided then to build an entirely new building, with state-of-the-art techniques, technologies and furniture, that was officially opened on 3rd September, 2018 at the presence of District Chief Executive (Mayor). The new HAIT building has now a dedicated Lecture Hall and a big Computer Laboratory, and it may accommodate as many as 32 students and PCs.

At the beginning there were 4 teachers, and now we have about 7 teachers. 

The Communities learned from the project that there is a growing need for computer training that is based on the student or employer’s goals and skills assessment needs. Hence driven a power to its full existence. Nowadays, the HAIT is in the process of certifying to become a fully accredited ICDL institute. This way the students will not only benefit from the usual high quality lectures and facilities, but they will also have the option to gain an internationally recognized certification that will help them stand out of the crowd and face the challenges of the modern job market.

Name of the term

Number of students enrolled Course level

Term 1 (BI1 & BS1)

(September-December 2017)

21 Base Module
Term 2 (BI2)

October 2017-January 2018


Base Module

Term 3 (BI3 & BS2)

February – July 2018

22 Base Module

Term 3 (IS1 & II1)

February – July 2018


Intermediate Module

Term 4 (BI4)

May – September, 2018


Base Module

Term 5 (BI5 and BS3)

October – January 2019

17 Base Module
Term 5 (II2)

October – January 2019


Intermediate module

Term 6 (BI6)

November – February, 2019


Base Module

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