Inside the center HEALTH-AID has built Saboba, one of the pavilions is devoted entirely to clinical activity. Since the birth of the project, in addition to spreading health knowledge, you are given the opportunity to all the people of Saboba and neighboring villages to take advantage of a clinical center.
During Actions, professional volunteers in the health sector, supported by a local staff member, who acts as translator and cultural mediator in case of need, they visit people who present to the clinic. Every person is welcomed by collecting history and performing a visit General; before the need, you can make the detection of vital signs, administering medications, performing electrocardiograms, ultrasounds, rapid laboratory test for diagnostic purpose (HIV, Hepatitis B, Malaria, pregnancy, etc.), small interventions surgical, medical or welfare (sutures, paracentesis, catheter insertions, etc). If deemed necessary, the drugs with oral intake can be dispensed to patients for the continuation of home therapy.
In collaboration with the hospital’s Saboba district, Saboba Medical Center, throughout the year are performed at the clinic obstetrical ultrasounds for pregnant women in the district.

During Actions, it is also provided for specialist visits, generally carried out in the afternoon and by the presence of specialized volunteers in such areas. For the three specialties you are guaranteed today:

  • Dental Care, for the treatment of problems concerning the oral cavity
  • Eye Care, for the treatment of eye disorders and the distribution of eyeglasses. If you have old glasses that you no longer write to uses (contact)
  • Wound Care, for the treatment of different types of wounds or lesions, which may require advanced dressings and / or daily. With this program we proceed to cleaning, antisepsis and the medication of wounds and various lesions (eg. Fungal infections, infected wounds, burns, insect bites, abrasions, etc.), very common especially among children

During Actions, on a day you are visited about 100 people; during the rest of the clinic it remains open and offers the possibility of visits and diagnostic tests with members of the local staff.

The clinic maintains thanks to the local staff, volunteers specialists in healthcare and drug donations, eyeglasses and sunglasses, medical equipment and medical supplies that HEALTH-AID ONLUS collects throughout the year.
For visits, medications and diagnostic tests, patients are asked, where possible, to pay a nominal fee that allows you to purchase on-site medication and medical materials needed for the surgery livelihood throughout the year.